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Dumpling Pop-Up

The word dumpling makes me happy. Honestly, it really does. Can you think of a time that you heard the word dumpling and it ended in something bad? I’ll bet you can’t, and neither can I. Whether it is used as a term of endearment (“hello, my dumpling”) or is referring to those individual, little morsels of goodness that never fail to please your palate, the word dumpling makes me happy. 

Bodega Highlands

There are very few things that this blogger loves as much as brunch. Carrie Bradshaw pretty much said it best in Sex and the City: “you can sleep until noon, still get eggs anywhere in the city, and alcohol is often included with the meal.”  So, you can imagine my delight when I found out that Bodega Highlands by Sabor, which is a convenient 10 minute walk from our house, now serves brunch.

Salz Pop-Up Dinner Event

If you thought pop-up restaurants were just another food trend, you might need to reconsider. The pop-up dining trend is alive and well. In a world over-saturated with food trends and trendy foods, pop-ups are unique dining experiences that give diners a chance to try something new and to find those one-of-a-kind culinary adventures. They’re also a great way for chefs to showcase their talents, create buzz and can often provide a launching pad for new restaurants. So beings the story of Salz, a sausage and beer hall set to open in Edmonton in the late fall.

Chutney’s Indian Grill

I love Indian food. I’m not just saying that because my boyfriend is Hindu. With its use of cayenne, coriander, garam masala, and other pungent ingredients, the resulting taste combinations in Indian food are unlike anything found elsewhere in the world. And while it is admired for its curries, mouth-burning spices and complex flavour pairings there is a misconception that Indian food is formulaic and can be clumped in nine dishes found in a buffet line.

How to Master a Cheese & Charcuterie Board

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Cheese. It’s so simple, but sort of the best thing ever.  Especially when paired with a glass of wine and a cured meat or two. Cheese and charcuterie boards make a great centerpiece for any get together and they’re relatively easy to pull together: All you have to do is cut some cheddar into cubes, unwrap a round of brie then toss it on a cutting board and scatter Triscuits around everything. Right? Wrong. Don’t do that. From the knives to the actual board, there is a lot of way to screw up a cheese and charcuterie board. Luckily, my cousin, Anna, is the master of cheese and charcuterie boards. So we sat down with her to learn some tricks and tips.

More Fun! Gourmet Sweets

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The only thing better than getting to try one cupcake, is getting to try a bunch of cupcakes. That is precisely what we got to do when we met up with Ashley Prince, owner of More Fun! Gourmet Sweets when she brought us some of her new cupcakes to try. Ashley’s tagline is “classic treats with a healthful gourmet twist”, which is what she accomplishes by using ingredients such as sprouted spelt and organic eggs, dairy and produce in her cupcakes.  The cupcakes are beautifully detailed and well thought out. She has managed to find a nice balance in each cupcake – not too simple and not to over the top. The real standout is the Swiss buttercream that she uses to top each cupcakes.  It is light and fluffy without being overly sweet, and I promise you will not want to stop eating.  It really is the icing on the cake (pun intended). 

Take 5

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On a recent rainy Sunday afternoon, my boyfriend and I needed an afternoon pick-me-up, so decided to try Take 5 – a classic, old school coffee and donut shop. Remember those? (Tim Horton’s does not count). I vaguely do and honestly thought they only existed in small towns and on Gasoline Alley, don’t tell me you don’t get excited every time you see the Donut Mill when you pass through Red Deer.  Luckily I was wrong, they do exist, and they are just as wonderful as I remembered them to be.

Perfect Stir-Fry

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On any given weeknight, my go-to meal is a stir-fry.  There was a point when we were always buying dry mixes to make our stir-fry, you know those little packets that you find down the international aisle that you add just add soy sauce and water to?  That is until we forgot to pick a packet up one night and I was forced to be resourceful.  Let me tell you, we were not disappointed with outcome.  In fact, we have never gone back to those little packets.

Bon Ton Bakery

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Anytime someone mentions Bon Ton Bakery, I am instantly filled with delicious childhood memories of cookies, croissants and cakes laced with the aroma of fresh baked goods. And yes, I mean childhood memories, because Bon Ton has been around much longer than I have been alive. After over 60 years in the game, what does it take for a bakery to standout in a city full of Duchesses and other sweet savants? Well… lots of things.