Mussels with Pasta in Tomato Sauce

Mussels are inexpensive, elegant, delicious, and easy to cook. If you have a  bag of mussels, some butter, a little garlic, shallots, and a bottle of wine, dinner is on the table in 15 minutes. But why stop there?

There are infinite ways to cook mussels. You serve them steamed, sauced up, added to a seafood stew or paella, or tossed in pasta. One of my favorites is mussels in rich, perfectly seasoned tomato sauce with pasta *chefs kiss*.


Oreo Donuts

These two donuts are the inspiration behind these Oreo donuts. It combines the best parts of my two favourite donuts – a soft, dense chocolate cake donut with a vanilla cream cheese glaze topped with crushed Oreos. Oh, and I folded some crushed Oreos in the batter as well. Yes – there are Oreos both IN and ON the donut (YOLO).