Restaurant Review

#istaubayopen – Tau Bay Restaurant Review

Pho is one of my favorite meals and generally speaking, no one in Edmonton does Pho better than Tau Bay.  Located in the heart of Chinatown (10660 – 98 street), Tau Bay is a staple for pho lovers not unlike myself.  In fact, the restaurant, which is infamous for their extended closures, is so popular that the website was created by a local Tau Bay enthusiasts for patrons to find out quickly if they should make the drive down. The menu is simple – different variations of pho noodle soup.  The prices are reasonable and on par with the rest of the pho places in Chinatown, about $10/bowl.  The service is fast and friendly which you do not necessarily find everywhere.  Each bowl comes garnished with cilantro, green and white onion slices.  Accompanied on the side with fresh bean sprouts, Thai basil leaves, Thai red chilies, and lime wedges…