Dumpling Pop-Up

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The word dumpling makes me happy. Honestly, it really does. Can you think of a time that you heard the word dumpling and it ended in something bad? I’ll bet you can’t, and neither can I. Whether it is used as a term of endearment (“hello, my dumpling”) or is referring to those individual, little morsels of goodness, the word dumpling makes me happy.

It goes without saying that when I heard about the Dumpling Pop-Up Event, I almost exploded with excitement. The pop-up was put on by Mai Nguyen and Jordan Levin, two contestants from Master Chef Canada Season 4. The event was hosted at Prairie Noodle Shop, where the two aspiring chefs created a menu showcasing the dumpling in an array of different forms.

Here are some of the dumplings featured at the pop-up event:

  1. Pho Tortellini in BrothYEG Dumpling Prairie Noodle
  2. Corn GnudiYEG Dumpling Prairie Noodle
  3. Kimchi & Pork Gyoza and Kimchi and Tofu GyozaYEG Dumpling Prairie Noodle
  4. Deep Fried Shortrib RavioliYEG Dumpling Prairie Noodle

To find out more about the chef’s check out their Instagram accounts @maicaroon and @jordan_levin. To read more on Prairie Noodle Shop check out my previous post here or their website.




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