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Fundamental to Western philosophy is the dinner party. The ancient Athenian supper that Plato describes in his Symposium has all the familiar tracings of our modern gatherings: food, drinks, and friends – not to mention attempts at moderation and long, heated discussions on love. While our parties might not be exactly as Plato described (e.g. wives are now allowed to attend), the framework was there. In the end, a dinner party is a simple and enduring combination of ingredients made unique by hosts and guests alike.yeg catering blog review

More and more, I have noticed that many people who love to entertain are adding some drama to their dinner parties by turning to private chefs. To be honest, I didn’t really get the appeal. If I wanted a chef to cook for me, I would go to a restaurant- that was, until I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Alexander Schwaiger of Elite Catering & Personal Chef Services.yeg catering blog review

Chef Alex is the executive chef and director of Elite Catering & Personal Chef Services. About three weeks in advance of our dinner party date, he and I began talking. He devised and prepared a phenomenal meal for me and five friends. It was an experience that none of us will soon forget.

Here is what you need to know about Elite Catering & Personal Chef Services:

  1. Elite Catering offers four different services: weekly meals, corporate catering, event catering and intimate dinners. We chose the latter. They own a commercial kitchen on the south side of Edmonton where they prep most of the meals. The actual cooking is done in your home.yeg catering blog review
  2. Their menu is dynamic and the selection is unique. You get an opportunity to try quality foods you normally wouldn’t get at home. For example, our first course was kangaroo and braised endive served with a port and juniper berry reduction and lotus chip. Elite is affiliated with Wild Game Consultants, who supplied them with the kangaroo and other exotic meats featured on their menus.yeg catering blog review
  3. They work with you to plan your event. As I mentioned above, Chef Alex and I began talks about the dinner party roughly three weeks in advance. He confirmed numbers, time, and noted any food allergies of the guests.yeg catering blog review
  4. You can customize your meal – from the number of courses to what is actually served. We had three courses – our second course was a braised short rib with saffron potatoes, vegetables, celeriac puree (which was incredible) topped with crispy taro root and micro greens. The third and final course was crème brûlée, which he brûléed in front of us. Have I mentioned how cool that is to watch?yeg catering blog review
  5. It’s convenient – along with meal preparation they also provide service, cleanup and set-up as needed. Chef Alex also supplied the plates and brought his own cookware.yeg catering blog review
  6. They have a cocktail menu – if a lavish dinner party isn’t your thing, they offer a hors d’oeuvres menu perfect for a cocktail party. They can also advise you on wine pairings.yeg catering blog review
  7. They create an experience for you and your guests. Having Chef Alex there was kind of an event and activity in one and there is something about having someone cooking in your home that has a romantic quality to it. Something like this would be ideal for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.

To find out more on the information on the services they offer and pricing, click here for the website or one of the links below:

Facebook – @yegcatering

Instagram – @elitecatering_edmonton



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