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There is something magical about getting up on a Saturday morning and going to the farmers market. Let me explain- Edmontonians endure rough winters, so there’s nothing like a table covered with sun-ripened tomatoes to buoy our spirits until the next frost.

Still, farmers markets advocate much more than buying fresh produce; they provide an opportunity to support local businesses and that makes me happy. And it isn’t just me. In fact, the ‘buy local’ trend has gone viral, forcing grocers like Walmart, and restaurants to change and adapt by adding locally produced goods to their offerings year-round.

This was the concept behind Monument Coffee Bar. The menu has been designed to capture the spirit of the farmers market by sourcing food from farmers markets and food trucks.

Here are four local favorites you can expect to find at Monument:yeg monument coffee bar review

  1. Moonshine Doughnuts – Have you ever had a vegan doughnut? Neither had I, especially one with Oreos on top (which, if you didn’t know, are vegan as well). Vegan or not, there nothing not to love about these doughnuts. What was once pop-up doughnut stand, is now available seven days a week.
  2. Milk & Cookies Bakeshop – The rootbeer float sandwich cookie was easily the best thing we tried at Monument. If you close your eyes you might actually think that you are having a rootbeer float. With no storefront, all cookies are made-to-order in a licensed kitchen on Calgary Trail.yeg monument coffee bar review
  3. Chocolate Haven – Monument’s hot chocolate and mocha drinks are all made with a premium blend of chocolate made just for them. They’ve also created a personalized Monument chocolate bar.
  4. Block 1912 – I know, I know, this one has nothing to do with the farmers market, but it is a local favorite and shares the same owner as Monument. Try the red velvet cheesecake, you won’t regret it.

Monument is located at 10803 Jasper Ave in the Mayfair Village. I’ve limited the list above to the items we tried, but the list does go on. For more information, check out their website and Instagram.


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