‘Ono Poke Co.

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Seven things you need to know about ‘Ono Poke Co.:

  1.  It is located on 10142 104 Street.  You can eat-in, there are quite of tables both inside and outside.  If you don’t have far to travel you can take it to go. They recommend eating it within 30 minutes, which makes sense since many of the bowls have raw fish.edmonton blog review ono poke
  2. In terms of Edmonton food trends, Poke is the new Ramen.  So what is it? Poke, meaning “to cut”,  is a raw fish salad rooted in Hawaiian cuisine. Traditionally, the Hawaiian dish is served with cubed Ahi tuna, shoyu (soy sauce), sesame oil and green onions. Modern day versions feature a variety of proteins and seasonings, infusing flavors from Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Portuguese, Chinese and Puerto Rican cuisines.  ‘Ono’s menu includes options such as the Prairie Luau bowl  (with braised pork) and Beet the Poke (with beets, obviously). They also have a feature bowl.edmonton blog review ono poke
  3. You get to pick the base for your bowl. Choices include: Furikake rice, quinoa or salad – giving you vegan and gluten-free options. There are two sizes regular and large, we go the regular size. Prices range from $11.95 to $16.95.  Lunch for my boyfriend and I was just over $30 (with no drinks), which seems a little pricey when you think about lunch but is pretty reasonable when you consider what you’re getting.
  4. They have a punch card.  I love punch cards.  There is something about knowing that you are getting a rewarded for your patronage that makes me warm inside.  The punch card alone will keep be going back.edmonton blog review ono poke
  5.  They support local shops,well one at least.  The oils they use are from their neighbor, Evoolution, which I loved seeing.edmonton blog review ono poke
  6. Use the Hawaiian Chili Water located on all of the tables.  In the words of one of the (very friendly) staff members, it helps bring out the flavor.  She was not wrong.edmonton blog review ono poke
  7. “Ono” means delicious in Hawaiian, and the name delivers.  The food is fresh, tasted great, was light and satisfying. Which was exactly what you want when you have to go back to work for the afternoon.

edmonton blog review ono poke



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