Dumpling Pop-Up

The word dumpling makes me happy. Honestly, it really does. Can you think of a time that you heard the word dumpling and it ended in something bad? I’ll bet you can’t, and neither can I. Whether it is used as a term of endearment (“hello, my dumpling”) or is referring to those individual, little morsels of goodness that never fail to please your palate, the word dumpling makes me happy. 


Salz Pop-Up Dinner Event

If you thought pop-up restaurants were just another food trend, you might need to reconsider. The pop-up dining trend is alive and well. In a world over-saturated with food trends and trendy foods, pop-ups are unique dining experiences that give diners a chance to try something new and to find those one-of-a-kind culinary adventures. They’re also a great way for chefs to showcase their talents, create buzz and can often provide a launching pad for new restaurants. So beings the story of Salz, a sausage and beer hall set to open in Edmonton in the late fall.


Going Whole Hog

A couple of months ago my friend Tommy began planning Going Whole Hog.  A southern themed festival of food.  With the help of several local chefs and restaurant owners, including The Local Omnivore, S’wich, Effing Seafood and Clementine (to name a few), the created the North Carolina Whole Hog BBQ menu that I can only describe as epic.  Included in this feast was a whole pig (roasted 22 hours), smoked oysters, collard greens, hush puppies and all of the sides and fixings you can imagine including a Carolina BBQ sauce that was everything a BBQ sauce should be. Above are some of the pictures of the event taken by my wonderful and talented boyfriend ( Parties like this are few and far between, so I am always grateful when I get to attend them.   Here’s to good friends and good food.   Sincerely, Chrissy