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Guru Kitchen + Bar: Restaurant Review

I love Indian food. In fact, when I die, you can bury me in a vat of paneer masala. Indian food is categorically delicious: the flavors oscillate between sweet, spicy, and savory, and it melds creamy sauces with soft bread, tender meat, and vegetables to make something incredible. It’s a divine synthesis that is aromatic and sophisticated without being bougie, yet has something for every dietary inclination.

Recently, we were invited to the new Guru Kitchen + Bar downtown for their Date Night Experience. Almost equivocal to my love for Indian food is my adoration for date nights so you can imagine my excitement. Walking into Guru, you are instantly hit with that enticing aroma we all know and love, and you know you’re in for a treat. We did not leave disappointed.


Edmonton Restaurants Open for Take-Out & Delivery during COVID-19

The COVID 19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of society in the past few weeks, and the food world – restaurants, bars, catering companies, delivery services, and all the workers that power them – has felt the impact acutely.

In an effort to encourage people to support our local businesses during this time, here is a list of places in Edmonton offering pick-up and/or delivery services.


JW Marriott Edmonton ICE District

I love hotels. Opening the door to your hotel room is like opening a bicycle-shaped present at Christmas. You know what you are going to get, but the fun is in the details. There are many options for travel accommodations nowadays – Airbnb, motels, hostels or the more traditional bed and breakfasts. You can crash with a friend or a relative or even camp. The list goes on. I have used all of these at one point or another, and have nothing against them but I prefer hotels. I love hotels. I had the opportunity to check out the new JW Marriott in Edmonton’s ICE District. From the moment you step in the lobby, you know that this is not another generic box hotel. It is shiny, new and absolutely beautiful. With two lounges, two restaurants and the possibly the fanciest gym I have ever seen, the hotel is an…



On a warm summer day in Edmonton, a line of people has formed, neatly herded by a rope under the cover of several tents, in front of an unassuming building in a southside shopping centre. A man stands guard at the front of the line, asking individuals how many people per party and ushering in just a few at a time.

No, this isn’t the scene outside some hot, new Edmonton nightclub. It’s dinnertime and the crowd is waiting to eat at Edmonton’s first Jollibee – suddenly, it’s the place to be.
The first time I heard about Jollibee was after Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Manila in Parts Unknown, where he called it “the wackiest, jolliest place on earth.” Founded in the Philippines, the fast-food chain has become an absolute sensation across the globe.

Store openings attract crowds days in advance – the first person in line for the Edmonton opening waited three days to be exact. So what is all the hype about?