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Being Lebanese, my family often visits Sunbake Pita Bakery for fresh baked goods.  Almost every time we go there, no matter what day or time, there is always a line-up. Because it is always filled with people, and not just Lebanese people, all ethnicites, I assumed that everyone knew about it, but, I was wrong. Like Ellen DeGeneres said – you should never assume.

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I were deciding what to do for lunch, when I suggested Sunbake and he had no idea what I was talking about.  Thinking he must be the only one in Edmonton that did not know about this place, I asked a bunch of friends if they knew about it and surprisingly, they had never heard of it.  It was then that I realized how un-well known it actually was and that Sunbake may just be one of Edmonton’s best-kept secrets.

Hidden among the townhouses of the Rosslyn community in north Edmonton (10728 – 134 Ave) lies a rare gem where you will find some of the best Middle Eastern food around for sale (lets me honest, nothing beats homemade and my grandmothers, mother and aunts make the best around).

My boyfriend ordered the extremely popular chicken shawarma and loved it.  It is essentially a chicken donair wrapped in a super thin flat bread that is panini pressed.  I had one of the pita bakes with zatar and melted cheese (zatar is a classic Middle Eastern spice made with dried herbs, sumac and sesame seed) on a thin crust that is folded in half , and it was too good. The ooey-gooey cheese mixed with the spice was mouth-wateringly delicious. We wanted to take some mini zatar bakes to go, but unfortunatley we were to late in the day, they were sold out.  Their packaged to-go items make easy lunches and snacks.

Sunbake gives you the option of eating inor taking your food to-go, I suggest taking it to-go since it is not the biggest place and we have already established the crowds. They also have a wide selection of cheese, dips, dessert and roasted nuts.

Aside from the food, the service is friendly and quick and the prices are reasonable. Not to be confused with Pita Bake Bakery (watch for this post at a later date), Sunbake is truly one of a kind.  And while you may have to fight the line, the best things in life are always worth the fight, and Sunbake is no exception.




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